5 Basic Movement Patterns For Perfect Programming

Going to the gym and starting a weight training program can be a little daunting to start off with. Knowing where to start, what exercise to do, whether to do full body, 2 day split, 3 day split. What is going to be the most suitable for you?

There are a raft of different experts claiming to know how to give you ‘the best workout ever’. To best honest if you fit in to this category it is most likely you are fairly new to strength training so pretty much anything you do is going to be highly effective.

There are however a few bases you want to make sure you have covered off, whether it is in the one session or at different points throughout the training week. You want to make sure you include some of these 5 basic movement patterns.

Hinge: Deadlifts, good mornings, kettlebell swings.

Squat: Bodyweight squat, goblet squat, fronts squat, back squat, box squat, leg press, even single leg variations such as steps ups & lunges.

Push: Push up, bench press, shoulder press, dips.

Pull: Pull ups, plank pulls, rows, pull downs.

Loaded Carries: Farmers Walks, suitcase carry, rack walk. 

Adding in elements of all of these movements will make sure your program is well rounded giving you a head start to great full body strength. Training programs don’t need to be complicated with fancy exercises for them to be effective. The basics work well and produce great results, so stick with the exercises that work.

Nathan Tieppo
Nathan Tieppo


As the founder and head trainer at Momentum PT and with a wealth of knowledge from a variety of industry roles over the last 15 years Nathan has the knowledge and experience to pass on. Nathan specialises in sport specific preparation for athletes at all levels.

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