Build An Unbreakable Team

The strongest of teams all have one thing in common, and its something that cannot be brought, given or forced. Only earnt.

TRUST... it can is defined as the 'firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.'

Trust is the key component to any successful team, you need to be able to have the confidence that the people around you will not only have your back but are capable of doing the tasks they are supposed to, to allow you to effectively complete your responsibilities. There are always going to be situations where personalities clash, people may not get along but it is essential that they trust that everyone will hold up their end for the "machine" to keep working.

Just like a muscle in order for trust to be built it needs to be worked at regularly and when it is broken it can take a long time to repair.

For this reason team building activities have become big business as they can be great for helping your sport team, workplace or community group become more cohesive, develop deeper bonds, enhance culture & of course build trust.

There are numerous ways to expose your team to this, but the best methods will always be activities that require the individuals in your team to (as mentioned in the definition above) test the reliability of those around them. For that reason these need to be tasks that cannot be completed alone; that place pressure and reliance on your team to contribute and get things completed for the benefit of someone other than themselves. The best of these will often involve making your job more difficult to ease the pressure on another member of your team. As well as helping individuals realise that it is easier to accomplish more with the assistance of others.

The gym can be a great place to help foster this environment, work outs like team relays & partnered workouts place an emphasis on everyone contributing to the best of their abilities. It requires you to rely on people to put the effort in, in a low stakes environment which can then be transferred to the real world. Even people who are generally uninterested in fitness related pursuits will try harder as they know that the person next to them is relying on them to finish.

This helps to flex the trust muscles between members of your group and like any other muscle the more the often muscles are worked the bigger and stronger they will grow.

Some of our favourite team building workouts/exercises we use in the gym include:

5000m - 10000m Ski Erg Relay

In teams of 3-5 choose a set distance of between 5000m-10000m to compete as fast as possible, the person on the ski will change every time another member of the team completes a 15m sled push. Continue rotating through this until the set distance has been completed
(15-45 minutes)

30 - 10sec Squat & Hold

As a team of 2-100. Complete 30 seconds of squats immediately followed a 30 second squat hold, then 25 seconds of squats & a 25 second squat hold, continue this pattern down to 10 squats & 10 a second hold. If any one stands during the hold portion the exercise starts again. The emphasis should be placed on a high level of communication, encouragement & motivation between the group.
(3 - 15 minutes)


In teams of 2; complete 3 rounds each of a 250m Row + Kettlebell rack hold. P1 - Row as fast as possible, P2 - hold 2 x kettlebells in the rack position in front of their chest. P2 should not place the kettlebells down until P1 has finished the whole 250m. Change until both people have completed 3 rounds of both exercises. 

(6 - 10 minutes)

These types of situations are also great for establishing who the leaders amongst the group are. The people who are selfless, encouraging, motivating and solve any problems that may arise.

Get in touch for more information on hoe to implement team building sessions for your workplace or sports team.

Nathan Tieppo
Nathan Tieppo


As the founder and head trainer at Momentum PT and with a wealth of knowledge from a variety of industry roles over the last 12 years Nathan has the knowledge and experience to pass on. Nathan specialises in sport specific preparation for athletes at all levels.

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