When you have been training in the gym for a number of years, the same old routines and barbell bench press' can start to get a little stale; both for your strength progress as well as the monotony of training. Providing a different variety of stimulus to the body and mind can help you to keep motivated in the gym Read More
We love to implement this exercise as a great way to not only teach people how to activate their glutes but also as a great way to rehab/prehab form hamstring injury. Read More
The knee/leg extension isn’t something you see a lot of in the functional training space. 

However, if there is a weakness in your quads it can be a great way to build up the strength required to assist your main lifts. Read More

You can never have enough variations of pulling exercises and this one is a ripper. The pendulum row allows you to work on not only stabilising through your hips, and abs but it is also a great way to add some dynamic resistance to your pull work.

We aim to add in a minimum of 1 pulling movement for every pressing movement we program.

This variation is exceptionally good as when you pull the pendulum up, the load will actually increase adding more resistance at the top of the movement. Similar to adding bands or chains to the load.

This type of dynamic resistance is often neglected for pulling movements but should definitely be implemented regularly.

The pull through is a great exercise for developing glute and hamstring strength. It’s allows you to perform a hinging movement with the load anchor to the rear which makes it highly specific to the movement patterns of running, jumping and cycling. Read More

The reverse hyper extension is an amazing addition to any lower body strength program. 

The dynamic movement targets the glutes, hamstrings and lower back so is perfect as a supplemental exercise to improve your deadlift & squats.

It can also be a great as an injury prevention tool for sport specific training. As working to control the eccentric portion of the movement places similar emphasis on the body to deceleration which can be the cause of many injuries in athletes particularly those in sports requiring frequent change of direction.

Make sure your hips are in the crease of the pad, engage your lats and abs as you hold the handles.

Squeeze through your glutes as you extend up & control the load on the way down, but keep the movement fluent.