The Greatest Breakfast of All Time




banana omelette

Simple, fast & the perfect pre or post training breakfast to kickstart your day! 


1 banana
3-4 eggs
1 teaspoon coconut oil

To taste:
Cinnamon / Berries / Peanut Butter

1. Place banana in a bowl & mash with a fork until liquified
2. Crack eggs into bowl
3. Wisk together until combined
4. Heat coconut oil in a fry pan
5. Once warm; add banana & egg mix
6. Add berries & cinnamon if you desire
7. Once heated through flip omelette carefully.
8. Serve & enjoy.

You can smear or spoon peanut butter over the top once served.

Nathan Tieppo
Nathan Tieppo


As the founder and head trainer at Momentum PT and with a wealth of knowledge from a variety of industry roles over the last 12 years Nathan has the knowledge and experience to pass on. Nathan specialises in sport specific preparation for athletes at all levels.