We believe that grip strength is one of the lost under utilised aspects of training so we are continuing our little series of grip exercises.

As a strong grip leads to a strong back.

The DB hex head hold is a great test of finger and grip strength.

Spread your fingers over the top of the head of the dumbbell and grip onto the sides. You won’t need a heavy weight for this 7.5-15kg should be plenty for most people. Make sure you don’t loop your fingers underneath the head of the dumbbell as this will make life far too easy for you.

Comment below with your weight and max time for the hold.

Nathan Tieppo
Nathan Tieppo


As the founder and head trainer at Momentum PT and with a wealth of knowledge from a variety of industry roles over the last 12 years Nathan has the knowledge and experience to pass on. Nathan specialises in sport specific preparation for athletes at all levels.

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