The push up is one of the best and simplest upper body strength exercises you can do.

But when starting out or professing from modified push ups, many people can struggle with having the upper body strength to perform them correctly from their toes.

The band assisted push up is perfect for adding a little bit of assistance to help keep you progressing through the movement. Be sure to set up as usual over the top of the band, with the band resting over your hip bones.

Ensure shoulders are stacked over your wrists, palm screwed into the ground and glutes engaged.

The higher off the ground you have the band set the more assistance it will provide you

Nathan Tieppo
Nathan Tieppo


As the founder and head trainer at Momentum PT and with a wealth of knowledge from a variety of industry roles over the last 15 years Nathan has the knowledge and experience to pass on. Nathan specialises in sport specific preparation for athletes at all levels.

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