Alex Greenwood


Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science (Ongoing)

Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coach (Ongoing)

Certificate IV in Fitness

Certificate III in Fitness

Senior First Aid Level 2 and CPR


Since 2011 Alex has been coaching a large variety of individuals, groups and athletes. He specialises in coaching Army and Airforce trainees, Police and Fire Fighter applicants, as well as amateur athletes in a variety of disciplines ranging from martial arts, field/contact sports, rock climbing, endurance sports, mountaineering, board sports and adventure races. He treats all of his clients with the same diligence and care regardless of their goals.

If he can climb it or ride it Alex has tried it. He is currently focusing on bouldering, fixed-gear road cycling and backcountry snowboarding. Alex uses the gym to supplement his outdoor pursuits, his training in the gym must be outcome-based and transferable. He believes that when an individual has a purpose to train, when they have clearly defined their goals and desires then the physical aspects will come easily.

Alex calls on philosophy and music as inspiration; and a myriad of professionals and amateurs as influences to his training practices and principles. Alex leads from the front – representing the ethos and commitment he expects of his clientele; using physical fitness as the medium to develop and solidify the habit of hard work, physiological and psychological improvement and dedication to a cause.

Alex is available for 1 on 1 PT sessions and through our group training timetable. Get in touch to book in a session with Alex.