Alex Hampton


Bs. Ex. Sp. Sci

About Alex:

One of Tasmania’s finest exports, Alex have been involved as a performance coach in sport since 2006. Most recently spending the past 7 years helping some strong, fast and powerful folk in American Football get even stronger, faster and more powerful. During his time in the USA Alex was part of the strength and conditioning staff for Florida State University & the Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL).
Throughout his life, he has been active in a wide array of sports including hockey, cricket, football, tennis, and AFL. However, these days training is all about; Moving well, picking stuff up, putting stuff down, carrying stuff & repeating. He is a firm believer in enjoying the process of consistently doing what needs to be done, the way it should be done, when it is meant to be done. 


Alex is available for 1 on 1 sessions and small group training as part of our Athletic Performance program. If you are looking for sport specific training to improve your performance and meet your athletic potential. Then Alex is the perfect strength coach for you. You can work with Alex at our Port Melbourne gym.